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Texas's Parks Are Some of the Best Road Trip Destinations

Have you ever made a tour of the National Parks System via the road? Many families do so during the spring and summer months when these natural wonders are in full bloom. It has been a tradition in the United States going back over a century to the founding of the parks system. Almost every state has one; Texas has quite a few more.

You can make a short day trip to the one closest to you, or you can make a tour of the nation, hitting several in a long, looping road trip.

In Harlingen, we're lucky to…

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The Basics of Car Cleaning

For most people, the biggest purchases in their lives are their home and their cars. And most people know to keep up with general maintenance like oil changes and tire rotation but many do not think about washing their car as part of the general maintenance routine.

A good car wash kit to have at home is as simple as a 3 to 5 gallon bucket, a long-handled soft brush, car wash liquid, and a few old towels. An ideal car wash liquid will have both soap and wax incorporated into it. Remember to rinse the car thoroughly starting with…
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In Need of a Vehicle? Come to Our Memorial Day Event and Find the Perfect One!

We know how important finding a quality vehicle is. Affordable pricing, quality features, and cutting-edge safety are all vital components to a memorable driving experience. We want to help you find that perfect vehicle.

That is why we are proud to announce that we will be having a Big Tent Used Car Memorial Day Event!

Taking place on May 27, there will be over 300 vehicles for you to look through! All of them will be priced to sell, and are backed by our Gillman Pre-Owned Promise.

These vehicles will be placed underneath the grand tents, so you can’t…

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Drive For Perfect Attendance, and Win Prizes!

Here at Gillman Chevrolet Harlingen, we enjoy being a part of our community. Vehicles are an important part of life, and the more we can help impart our knowledge, while helping our local community, the happier we are.

That is why we are proud to say we will be hosting the Drive for Perfect Attendance on May 17 with Harlingen CISD!

High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have perfect attendance are eligible to win an incredible grand prize: a brand new 2017 Chevy Sonic! That’s right: the grand prize winner will drive off with a brand new Chevy…

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Tire Rotation Can Extend Your Tires' Life

Rotating the tires when the oil is changed is more than a slick move. Tire rotation is viewed by car industry experts as a basic preventative maintenance strategy. How often you should do this varies from 5,000 miles to 10,000 miles. You are also recommended to follow the advisement in the owner's manual.

Tire rotation extends the life of tires by equalizing tread-wear. In cases that reveal wear patterns to be irregular from driving style to tire position, skilled technicians rotate tires to forestall the need for eventual replacement. Generally, tires do show wear patterns as they…

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Can the Correct Tire Pressure Save the Environment?

With the price of gasoline where it is, it always helps to find ways of using less. Using less gasoline also helps the environment by pumping less carbon dioxide into the air. One of the simplest ways to do so is to check your tires every so often, as the condition of your tires affects your fuel efficiency.

A tire that is running low on air either due to slow leaks or generally low pressure is actually one of the major causes of fuel inefficiency, as are tires that are losing their tread. In both cases the tires are not…

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Save Money, Travel Far: the Chevrolet Volt

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Nowadays, modern drivers are looking for vehicles that will save them money at the pump, while also allowing them to travel similar distances – if not further. For those who are looking for that kind of vehicle, you may be interested in learning more about the Chevrolet Volt.

The Chevrolet Volt does not just offer fuel savings and efficiency: it is an excellent vehicle in every way. It offers you a large amount of cargo space, an interactive interior filled with features, and a variety of safety features that will keep you secure on the road.

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4 Warning Signs You Need Your Brakes Repaired

Do you need a Boeing 747 runway to stop your vehicle? Besides increased stopping distance, if you notice the following signs when applying your brakes, then repairs are definitely necessary:
  • The dashboard brake light appears amber, designating a problem with the anti-lock brake system (ABS)
  • The dashboard brake light has a red glow, indicating an imbalance in the system
  • The brake pedal seems like a sponge or is slow to respond
  • The brake is applied, and you hear grinding or squealing
Even though it is a good idea for you as the driver to get to know the moving parts…
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My Check Engine Light Just Came On. Should I be Worried?

With all the new features in Chevy models these days, it seems like there's a light for everything -- check oil, check gas, Bluetooth light, etc. It can even be hard to tell what all the different lights mean. But one of the more important lights on any car is the check engine light.

Because the engine is such a vital part of a car, it can be worrisome when the check engine light comes on. Sometimes, it can be a mistake with the car wiring. This often happens, and it is nothing to be worried about. If it continues…
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