Texas's Parks Are Some of the Best Road Trip Destinations

Have you ever made a tour of the National Parks System via the road? Many families do so during the spring and summer months when these natural wonders are in full bloom. It has been a tradition in the United States going back over a century to the founding of the parks system. Almost every state has one; Texas has quite a few more.

You can make a short day trip to the one closest to you, or you can make a tour of the nation, hitting several in a long, looping road trip.

In Harlingen, we're lucky to be a short drive away from Padre Island National Seashore. This 70-mile stretch of beach is the longest protected barrier island in the world, which many endangered sea turtles rely on to make their nests and lay their eggs each year.

You may also want to pack your Chevy for a longer-distance trip across the state, to visit Big Bend National Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, or Hueco Tanks State Historic Site, home to the best rock climbing in Texas.

The National Parks are owned by you, the public. They are part of the American identity. They preserve both nature and history, and they can inspire younger generations to get involved in science and preservation. You can see wildlife, beautiful geographic features, indigenous plants, and unmatched vistas. Some maintain historical artifacts, both from American history and from the First Nations.

Don't let mechanical trouble slow down your adventures. Make a service appointment first, and our technicians will ensure your car is in prime condition to endure long hours on the highway. Enjoy your parks this summer with a little help from Gillman Chevrolet of Harlingen.

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