16 Flooded-Car Survival Tips to Follow, 1 to Ignore

What would you do if you were caught on a flooded road in your Chevy? Cars.com made a great list of 17 do's and don'ts that can help you survive this emergency situation, which has hit all too close to home in the past week.

One of their tips, however, is dead wrong.

When a car begins to sink, the force of water pressing in on it will prevent the doors and windows from opening, no matter how strong you are. The best thing you can do is get the windows open before the vehicle sinks too far, but if you find yourself trapped, Cars.com says, "Do not try to break windows to get out." Glass will rush inward with the water and potentially cut you.

They're not wrong about that, but survival experts agree that waiting for the water pressure inside the car to equalize with the pressure outside so the doors will open is far more likely to get you killed.

Adam Savage of Mythbusters attempted this, and so did Richard Hammond of Top Gear. Both men couldn't hold their breath long enough to get the doors open, and required underwater breathing masks to survive the demonstration.

The problem is, even after all pockets of air escaped the cabin, it took several seconds before the pressure fully equalized and the doors opened. Most people will be too panicked to hold their breath for the necessary amount of time in a real emergency. Keep a glass-breaking tool in your Chevy's emergency kit.

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