What Is a Timing Belt and When Should You Replace It?

The timing belt is located under the hood of the car and is attached to the engine. The belt keeps the crankshaft and camshaft working in unison. This is imperative to the engine's performance as it is essentially controlling the engine's operation. The timing belt does this by keeping the pistons and valves in synch through a series of rotating pulleys.

When a timing belt fails, it typically snaps or slips off a pulley. The result of a failed timing belt is catastrophic. The engine will most likely shut down, even while driving. This is a serious safety hazard. The financial repercussions of a broken timing belt can rise to thousands of dollars.

Check the manual of the vehicle for suggested maintenance timelines and take the vehicle to our service center to ensure the job is done by professionals. Plan your visit to see us at Gillman Chevrolet of Harlingen today!

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