Do You Understand the Move Over Laws?

Have you ever experienced a flat tire that has unexpectedly landed you on the side of the road? `Perhaps one of your greatest fears in that situation would be simply getting out of the car in the midst of traffic. This could be a very risky action because the road is a dangerous place.

The road is an especially dangerous place for those who work alongside it on a regular basis such as firefighter, law enforcement, and tow-truck drivers. A lot of roadside workers is killed each year performing their job on American highways.

Many of these deaths could have been prevented had the driver adhered to the law and took into thoughtful consideration their proximity to the victim by simply moving over a lane. Most Americans are not aware that this is not only courteous, but it's actually governing law in every state. This Move Over Law is in place in Harlingen, TX to promote highway safety and reduce the 150 law enforcement officers that are killed each year on duty to keep our roads safe.

Please help Gillman Chevrolet of Harlingen promote safety and awareness of Move Over Laws by changing lanes whenever you see any vehicle flashing emergency lights.

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