Stay Safe on the Road in the Chevrolet Volt

As you look at different plug-in hybrids, safety is a key consideration. At Gillman Chevrolet Harlingen, we're proud to offer the popular Chevrolet Volt. With the Volt's available safety options, you can customize a car that helps you reduce risk while you drive.

All Volt models come with cruise control. If you opt for the adaptive version, your vehicle automatically maintains the distance between you and the car in front of you. That means that if another driver slows down, the Volt does, too. This feature reduces the need to brake suddenly and helps avoid collisions.

Another optional feature is the lane keep assist. If you stray from your lane, the Chevrolet Volt gently steers you back into your lane. It also alerts you that you're leaving the lane so you can correct on your own.

By opting for safety technology, you can stay safe when you drive. See how each system works by stopping into Gillman Chevrolet Harlingen for a test drive.



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