Better Safe Than Sorry: Chevrolet Colorado

Have you ever seen a heavy duty, stylish midsize truck? If not, that means you haven’t seen our Chevrolet Colorado. Here Gillman Chevrolet Harlingen, we have the best midsize trucks, with amazing safety features.

The available lane departure warning is a new and nifty way to alert you if you unintentionally swerve out of your lane without using a turn signal. This is very useful for those long tiring drives, this feature could grab your attention and save your life. The Colorado also provides a rear park assist, this notifies you when you are close to backing into an object.

The two of these features both can help you become a better driver and even save your life or someone else’s. We can’t help it if we fall asleep behind, the wheel but the Chevy Colorado can. Stop searching for that perfect midsize truck online, and come to Gillman Chevrolet Harlingen to test drive it today!


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