It’s a full-time job keeping your family safe. Now, your vehicle can help you. The Chevy Traverse is a popular midsize SUV equipped with a surprising number of safety features.

Its standard real vision camera takes the guesswork out of backing out of your driveway or the parking lot at work or the store. When you reverse at low speeds, this feature gives you a clear view of the scene behind you. The screen in the vehicle's infotainment system makes it easier for you to park without colliding with nearby objects.

The front pedestrian braking system alerts you if a collision with a pedestrian is imminent. If you are traveling at less than 50 mph, this feature can reduce the severity of your collision by automatically implementing hard braking if you don’t step on the brakes in time. These state-of-the-art features take advantage of sensors, radar, cameras, and more to help you stay safe and avoid potential dangers on the road.


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