EV Service

If you're looking for professional Chevy EV service near McAllen, visit our local Chevrolet dealership. Here you'll find everything your car needs to maintain exceptional performance, efficiency, and safety.

Battery Service

The most important Chevy parts in your EV car are the battery and its adjoining electric motors. You'll be happy to know that with regular service, including battery reconditioning, balancing, and cell replacement, you can expect to enjoy up to 200,000 miles of emission-free driving before requiring a new battery.

When your Chevy EV reaches 60K miles, we perform deep charge and discharge cycles to the battery pack, along with cell balancing. This procedure becomes vital once the battery begins showing signs of cell aging, which typically manifests in diminished performance and gas mileage.

This balancing and reconditioning process requires leading-edge equipment and technology, as well as highly specialized training. You'll find both at our local Chevy showroom.

General EV Service

One of the many benefits of buying an electric vehicle at Gillman Chevrolet Harlingen is that EVs are much cheaper to maintain than traditional combustion-engine cars. A big reason for this is that EVs have far fewer parts than traditional cars, which decreases the frequency of wear and tear as well as the chances of a broken part.

Thus, standard EV service pertains to things such as the cabin air filter and the high-efficiency particulate air filter, as well as the brake fluid and brake calipers. These last two items require less frequent care because of regenerative braking - a system that ensures your EV's brake system will last longer than that of a traditional automobile.

A partial list of important EV services includes:

  • Electric motor testing/replacement
  • Drive inverter assembly testing/replacement
  • High-voltage battery pack reconditioning and/or replacement
  • Isolation fault testing
  • A/C inspection
  • Regenerative braking system check
  • Charging system evaluation

Get Expert Chevy EV Service Today

Schedule Chevy EV service today and trust our experts for comprehensive care. And each time you come in, don't forget to check our website for our latest Chevy service specials so you can enjoy big savings. 


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